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From 5-14 years boys and girls can join our Nipper program and learn surf safety skills that may save their lives.  Our Nippers have lots of fun and hang out with friends on Elizabeth Beach each Sunday from October to March each year. Nippers can compete in surf carnivals held locally and in other areas.

The kids are encouraged and instructed in all facets of Nippers including flags, beach sprints, swimming and paddle boards. Our Nippers participate each year at the Branch Carnival. Our program is very relaxed with enjoyment being key to the participation. We cater for all levels of competency.

Each year we have a successful transition of Nippers who have completed SRC to beach patrol, strengthening our club and beach safety program for the future.

SIGN UP HERE for existing members

SIGN UP HERE to create a new member

CLICK HERE for pdf guide

CLICK HERE for the Proficiency Form- compulsory for all kids prior to doing water activites at Nippers


NOTE: For insurance purposes at least one parent/guardian must join club as at least an associate member.


If you and perhaps one child are already members from last year but you have another child to register then you need to  CREATE A NEW MEMBER for the new child. Contact Deloris if you have any registration questions.


• learn water safety

• surf rescue certificates (SRC) for high school kids

• paddle boards and short ocean swims

• IRB familiarity training

• snorkelling

• surfing

• christmas party

• end of season presentation



• parents encouraged to join up and help with water safety- heaps of fun being in the water with the kids!

• parents always required to assist with running age groups- easy job: marking roll, taking them from activity to activity


• Download the Nipper awards here



• Kids are required to wear club swimmers and caps plus a rashie when doing water activities.

• Click HERE for info on price and ordering

photos courtesy of kirk owers photography

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  • To be eligible to participate at NIPPERS or compete at BRANCH, COUNTRY or STATE competitions each competitor must be proficient. ie: Timed pool swim & surf run/swim/run.


  • Nippers Age championships will be held over 2-3 point score rounds plus bonus points for carnival results and attendances throughout the season. However it will be compulsory to attend at least 9 Nipper Surf Education / Beach Activity Days to qualify for medals at the end of season. The Pointscore days can be amended to alternate days dependent upon the weather and conditions and at the sole discretion of the Junior Activities Co-ordinator.                  

  • Age Managers are asked to be at the the club by 8.30 am on Sunday mornings

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